How to Permanently Remove Yourself from Radaris Search Results


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Radaris provides access to millions of public records and personal details, making it easy for anyone to search for your name, address, phone number, and more. Fortunately, it’s just as easy to opt out of Radaris and removes your profile from its search results. Learn how in this guide!


How to Opt-Out of Radaris


Below we have listed the steps to complete the Radaris Opt Out process.


1) Visit the Radaris opt-out page



2) Located in the website footer, select "Control your info". 


3) Search for your name in the directory.


3) Select "Control Info" when you have located your profile.


4) Add your name and phone number to receive a verification code.


5) log in to your account and select “Control your Info” then “delete specific records”


6) To delete specific Radaris records, select up to 6 records to be removed.

Request Removal from Radaris Directly.


The simplest way to remove yourself from Radaris is to directly email its customer service team and make a request for removal. Make sure to include your full name and current address in the email, and provide whatever other information you have on file with the website.


In most cases, Radaris will quickly process your removal request within 24-48 hours.


Remove Yourself from Sites Where Radaris Could Have Gathered Your Data From. 


In addition to contacting Radaris’ customer service team, you can also take matters into your own hands and remove yourself from any websites or social media platforms which Radaris might have gathered your information from. 


This may include sites like LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, or Facebook, to name a few. 


To do this, simply login to each platform and look for a “Do not sell my personal information” button that will let you deactivate your profile from the website and keep it from being indexed by data brokers like Radaris.


Monitor Your Internet Habits and Presence Online. 


It is important to maintain an awareness of how much personal information you are putting out there on the Internet. 


This can be done by monitoring your online presence and limiting the amount of data you share on websites, chatrooms, and social media sites. 


Doing this, it will help reduce the chances of your data getting indexed by search engines like Radaris and being seen by potential employers or clients without your consent.


Deal With Automated Records on Radaris.


Radaris will try to create automated records of your personal information and list you in their search results even if you don't sign up for an account. 


To permanently remove yourself from these listings, you'll need to contact their customer service team with relevant proof and documents to fully delete the data they have on file. 


They may also require that you provide a copy of a photo ID or other personal information to complete the process.


You can contact Radaris customer care with questions, complaints, or concerns.


Phone: 1-855-723-2747




Educate Others About How to Opt-out of Radaris Search Results.


In addition to helping yourself opt out of Radaris search results, it's important to help spread the word about how others can do the same. 


Encouraging family and friends to double-check their personal information on Radaris is one way to make sure any unauthorized data is removed from the platform. 


Additionally, sharing articles and resources with people in your network about how they can protect their personal information online is a great way to help ensure digital privacy.


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You have successfully opted out of Radaris. The website states that you should allow 24-48 hrs for the website to reflect these changes. 


Radaris will then instruct their partner sites not to display your name in their results as well. You are one step closer to online privacy. Once you have completed the Radaris opt-out process, there are 100+ websites that still collect and display your information on the internet. 

To opt-out of all data brokers and receive monthly monitoring and privacy reporting, Reputation Privacy is ready to help.

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