How to Remove Your Information From

In this digital age, our personal information is more accessible than ever. Websites like gather and display this data, which can leave us feeling exposed and vulnerable. But fear not! Opting out of such websites is a proactive step you can take to regain control over your personal information. In this guide, we'll walk you through opting out of and shed light on the importance of protecting your privacy.

What is

HPCC-USA is an internet database for searching individuals, records, and public information. Additionally, provides resources for uncovering and procuring property records, identifying phone scams, performing background inquiries, and tracing family ancestries and historical documents. However, the data they furnish, encompassing names, addresses, phone numbers, background evaluations, criminal pasts, marriage licenses, and property particulars, among others, exposes users to potential threats like spam, fraud, and misuse.

Steps for Opt Out

  1. Copy the URL of the page displaying your personal information. Scroll down and locate the "REMOVE YOUR LISTING FORM," or you can directly visit opt out step 1
  2. Once on the page, complete the form with the required information. Choose "Remove Your Listing," then paste the URL of your listing. Check the box confirming your authorization for the request. opt out step 2 opt out step 3
  3. Solve the Anti-Spam test and click "Submit." Click the provided link "CLICK HERE TO VERIFY." Your profile will be promptly deleted following your request. opt out step 4
Congratulations, your opt-out process is now completed!


Frequently Asked Questions About

Q1: What is and why is my information on it? 

A1: is a data collection website that gathers and displays personal information from various sources. Your data might be on it due to its access to public records, social media profiles, and other online sources.

Q2: How does obtain my information? 

A2: obtains your information from publicly available sources, such as public records, social media platforms, and online directories. It compiles this information to create detailed profiles.

Q3: Is my information safe on 

A3: While aims to provide access to public information, the exposure of your personal data can pose privacy risks. Your information could be used for targeted advertising, scams, or identity theft.


Taking control of your online presence and protecting your personal information is a responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly. Opting out of websites like is a proactive measure that puts you back in charge. Remember, your data is valuable, and your privacy matters—partner with services like to ensure that your digital footprint aligns with your security needs. Embrace the importance of privacy, and take the first steps toward a safer online journey.