How to Successfully Remove Your Information From Whitepages

Whitepages is a well-known method for finding people's information online. It's an online directory that has over 275 million records of people who live in the United States. It will get anyone the ability to do a background check on a person. 


The Whitepages database shows things like a person's name, address, court records, and other information.


You might need to take details off the Whitepages website. These details are private. You don't want them on a public database.  This is where you can go through the Whitepages opt-out process and get your records removed.


How to remove information from Whitepages?


Visit the Whitepages opt-out page


You should first visit the Whitepages opt-out page. You may visit this page through URL. Then you will need to enter the full name, state, and city to start a search.


Select the profile


Based on your search criteria, Whitepages will list all matching profiles. From the list of matching profiles, you will need to locate your profile. After that, you may open up your profile by clicking on the button named “View Details”.


Copy the profile URL


After opening the profile, you should copy the profile URL, as indicated in your web browser.


Get back to Whitepages opt-out page.


You need to go back to the Whitepages opt-out page. Then you will need to paste the profile URL that you copied.

Whitepages opt out form

Verify the listing


Before you remove your information, check your details. Make sure you're deleting the right information. After that, you can click on the button named “Remove me”.


State the reason


You will be asked to state a reason why you are trying to remove your data from the Whitepages website. This field is optional, and you don’t have to enter anything.


Enter the phone number


In this process, you will need to enter the phone number. Make sure that you enter your valid phone number here.  Whitepages will generate an automated call to verify you.  After entering the phone number, you should click on the button named “Call now to verify”.


Enter the verification code


The automated call will tell you a verification code. You should enter this code in the message box and proceed to the next step.


Opt out from the Whitepages premium

If you delete your records on Whitepages, your information is still on Whitepages premium. So, you will need to follow the Whitepages premium opt-out process separately.


How to Opt-Out of WhitePages Premium


1. Go to Enter your name in the search box.


2. Right-click on "Details", and then click "Copy Link address".


3. Go to their "Submit a Request" page


4. Select "I need to edit or remove a list". Enter your email address. Copy the URL from Step 3 into the "Listing URL" field. In the 'Listing Name" field, enter your name.


5. Type a subject line to describe your submission. "Please remove my listing."


6. Enter a description for your submission. For privacy reasons, we suggest that you use "Please remove my Whitepages Premium Listing." Click submit.


7. Wait for the verification email.


Your information should be removed in 48hrs. Make sure that you do it and remove your records from other similar data broker websites on the internet as well.




How long will it take for Whitepages to remove my records?


Once you make the request, it may take Whitepages a maximum of 24 hours to remove your records from their database.


Can Whitepages collect my data even after I opt out?


Whitepages might collect your data and keep it in their database. They could do this even in the future. You should erase your information from all similar websites and public databases on the internet.


Will I need to use the Whitepages opt-out after deleting the listing?


No, there is no need for you to use Whitepages after you remove your data. But if the above-mentioned method is too cumbersome, you may send a letter or email to them. 


You can send letters to the Whitepages Privacy Manager. The address is 2033 Sixth Avenue Suite #1100, Seattle, WA 98121. You can also send emails to


Sign Up For Online Privacy Protection


You have successfully opted out of Whitepages. The website states that you should allow 48 hrs for the website to reflect these changes. 


Whitepages will then instruct their partner sites not to display your name in their results as well. You are one step closer to online privacy. Once you have completed the Whitepages opt-out process, there are 100+ websites that still collect and display your information on the internet. 

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