Opting Out of True People Search - Everything You Need to Know

True People Search is quite a popular database available online with personal records of individuals. You will also be able to find your personal data available on True People Search. As of now, around 4,000 different sources are supplying their data to True People Search. 

However, you don’t need to worry too much about your data being present on the site. We will share how you can opt out and remove your personal records from the True People Search website.

How to remove your data from True People Search

1. Visit the True People Search Opt-out page

You will first need to visit the True People Search opt-out page on your web browser. You may access it from http://www/truepeoplesearch.com/removal. Next, you need to enter your email address, agree to the terms and conditions, complete CAPTCHA, and hit on the button named “Begin Removal”.

2. Find your records

Enter the name, city where you live, and state to search for your records on the True People Search database.

3. Select the records

All matching records related to the information you entered will now be visible. This is where you need to pick the correct listing. After locating it, hit on the button named “View Details”.

4. Send the removal request

You can view your record and then hit on the button named “Remove this record” at the bottom of the page.

5. Confirm

Once you submit the removal request, True People Search will send you a confirmation email. You will need to click on the link available in that email to confirm the data removal process.

6. Remove data

Within 72 hours, True People Search will take off your data from the database. However, you should also be careful not to get your information again on the website. This is where you should track down the websites that are probably selling your data, and request them to remove your records from their databases.

What other methods are available to remove data from True People Search?

You can also directly get in touch with True People Search and request them to remove your data from the database. Following are the methods to connect with True People Search.

Phone – (888) 838-4803

Email – support@truepeoplesearch.com,

Mail – PO Box 7775 #51560 San Francisco, CA 94120-7775


What does True People Search really do?

A website called True People Search gathers personal information and aggregates it for public access. More than 16.5 billion personal records of people residing in the USA are now available on this website. True People Search has access to complete name, gender, age, email, phone, addresses, employment history, and educational records among other information. Your risk of experiencing issues like identity theft, fraud, and online harassment would grow if your personal information was made accessible on such a widely used network.

Can I get my information from True People Search?

You may indeed delete your information from True People Search. The steps you must take to do it were described above. That may just take you a few minutes. It will take up to 72 hours for True People Search to remove your data from their database.

How do True People Search collect your records?

True People Search gathers your information from a variety of sources. These consist of land records, driver's licenses, social media accounts, tracking scripts, and cookies.

Why do True People Search gather information about you?

You provide information to web databases like True People Search, which then sells it. Your data will be more likely to fall into the wrong hands as a result of this.

Are True People Search doing an illegitimate business?

True People Search is a legitimate data broker firm. They are entirely entitled to access your info. On request, you do have the option to have your data removed from their database, however.

Opt-Out Using Reputation Privacy

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