How to Remove a Mugshot from Google Search

In the past decade, mugshot removal services have seen a dramatic increase in popularity. This has been largely due to the rise of websites hosting images of people who were arrested but not charged.


We don't want a picture from a mugshot accompanying every Google search. These services use a variety of techniques to remove your mugshot from the internet. We'll share these with you so that you can start managing your online reputation


Your Old Mugshot is showing up when you Google your name?


The public can view police records, including mugshots taken during an arrest. Sites that display mugshots online do not need your permission or consent to post your photo and other details. These details include the image, your address, the place of arrest, as well as your weight, height, and age. You can also list the charges that led to your arrest.


Also, posting mugshots does not meet the legal requirements to prove slander, defamation, or libel against a website. You must provide evidence to support any of these claims. Websites are more likely than not to charge for mugshot removal in the event of a wrongfully arrested person.


Search your name on to find out which website published your mugshots online. 


Below are some ways to remove your information from or other websites that publish mugshots online.


Why do Mugshots end up online?


Simply put, a mugshot can be accessed by anyone. It is therefore not illegal to publish mugshots online in many states.


There are many online databases that offer thousands of mugshots. These platforms also make it possible to easily spread mugshots across the Internet.


Although most websites claim they offer "news and information", the truth is that publishing mugshots can be considered good business.


What are the dangers of Mugshots published online?


Even if a person is not found guilty of a crime or charged with it, the mugshot can have irreparable and long-lasting effects.


The person's reputation and personal relationships are affected as well as their ability to secure housing or other important financial opportunities. Your sales and partnerships could be affected if you have a company.


The Business Of Posting Mugshots Online


This online industry makes a lot of money from the misery of others. It is sometimes quite unpleasant, which means that it can be difficult to remove images. Websites looking to make a profit post mugshots for public consumption as soon as they become public records. 


Newspapers and other media also publish mugshots to increase traffic to their sites. Although it can be difficult to get a mugshot removed from search results, it will greatly improve your online reputation.


Google will provide links to all the sites that have published the information. The information and images from your arrest will remain even if you are not charged or found innocent.


There are many ways to remove mugshots from the internet.


How to Remove & Erase Mugshots on Google


Step 1: Contact the site concerned or their webmaster to delete a mugshot. You should find out the criteria for removing mugshots from their sites and whether you meet these criteria. The webmaster must remove the image from their site voluntarily if they meet these criteria. This will mean that it will not appear on search engines.


Step 2: Contact Google or any other relevant search engine for assistance in removing the mugshot. If there are legal grounds, search engines may suppress results for mugshots and other information. They can also remove personal information if you prove that the information published is harmful or exposes you to risk. Google and other search engines do not usually remove information that is already public.


Step 3: Contact a removal company that will remove your arrest record from the internet. It is important to know that these companies often work for or with the same website that published your arrest details. The website will likely pay a portion of the fee to remove the information. However, it will only be removed from the site. Websites can republish information from other websites without charge.


Hire a Mugshot Removal Services

Even though you have never been convicted or charged with the crime, it may seem unfair to have to pay for someone to remove your online arrest record. Removal websites are the best way to permanently erase mugshots or arrest records from mugshot websites like


You should also be aware that not every company offering this service is reputable and will remove all records that were published online. Reputation management companies that are reliable will work to restore your reputation and erase all harmful information.


To learn more about our mugshot removal services, contact Reputation Privacy today.